Gregor Zorn

Gregor Zorn is a biologist, consultant and educator specialized in medical cannabis education, phytocannabinoid product development and cannabinoid therapy applications.

After getting his Bachelor’s degree in Biology from the Biotechnical University of Ljubljana, he specialized in nutrition and got interested in holistic approaches to health. This led him to the discovery of cannabis and its therapeutic potential completely took over his research. He got interested in the cannabinoid mechanisms of action, synergistic interactions with other constituents and their impact on modulating the endocannabinoid system.

He is currently focused on offering consulting services to companies in the medical cannabis field and is involved in several international medical cannabis educational projects, specifically designed for medical professionals, students and patients.

Gregor is the founder of GZ Consulting and Chief Scientific Officer for Cannaray Ltd. He is also part of an international team of teachers at Sativa Global Education, an online based medical cannabis educational platform, a Scientific Advisory Board Member at Portugal Medical Cannabis and a Scientific Board member at Cannabis for Children International.

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