Luna Vargas

Luna Vargas has a Masters degree in Anthropology and Ethnomusicology and since 2020 is a Cannabis Educator at INFLORE – the first Cannabis training in Portuguese. She has developed a methodology called “From the plant to the market” witch aims to deliver an overall view of the cannabis industry based on science and real world experience. 

INFLORE offers a course that trains anyone from the general public to become an efficient and knowledgeable professional in the Cannabis Industry, whether their interest lies on retail or developing their own companies and products. Through its social media outlets and partnerships with other projects, Luna’s mission is to increase the knowledge about cannabis in its many facets inside and outside the industry, which leads to increased safety and demand for higher quality products. She has already trained hundreds of students who are based in more than 15 countries, across 3 continents, which in turn are now spreading that knowledge in the different cannabis markets in the world.

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